Sunday, October 7, 2007

Trend and Anti-trend

Trend of the Week: The 'Stache

We have seen that the mustache is back and not quite in full effect like Tom Selleck but getting there. As long you don't already have a tendency to look like a child molester, then go for it.

Anti-trend: Baby Mohawk

Thanks a lot Brangelina and Travis Barker for making one of the staples of punk, the Mohawk, a household haircut at a ‘burb near you. If your kid is rocking the ‘hawk, he might as well just be kicking Iggy Pop and Glen Danzig in the nuts with his “must have of the season” soccer cleats. It makes me sick to see corny ass Navy wives walkin’ thru the mall like, “See, look how punk my son is” as he’s gnawin’ on some McDonald’s french fries wearing Baby Gap. A baby cannot be “punk” anyway. Someone wipes his ass every hour and he sleeps with a glowworm. Someone please bring the bowl cut back ASAP.

1 comment:

Edwin said...

My glow worm gave me a nasty rash so I had to punish my glow worm. I sold my glow worm to some older horny boys who proceeded to cut a hole for the mouth, filled it with Icey Hot and turned it into a portable glow in the dark pocket vagina that they would later hide under the bridge overpass with the tatered porn collection which comprised of mostly "CLUB" and "OUI" (my personal favorite). Sometimes late at night I can hear my old glow worm call out to me and say that he was sorry..whatever you rash giving glow worm trick!!!