Sunday, October 7, 2007

Reunited and It Feels So Hood

So, Fluffgirl came to town yesterday and instead of preparing an artist interview for you guys, we decided to go to our hometown Fall Festival, make fun of everyone and then go home and get drunk (Fluffgirl turns out to be the lightweight of the 2 and ends up on the ground much of the night).

Fall Festival of Folklife in Newport News, VA

So, its basically our hometown trying to be all about culture and heritage or something and it ends up being a bunch or white folks eating turkey legs and just being sincerely ridiculous. We made a photo album for our readers:

L: Chick with blood stain on the back of her drawers! Why?
F: Did we speculate yet on how that got there? Like, maybe she was picking her Bacne and it bled all over her skivvies? Or possibly, she dripped all over herseff while making a pit stop in the porta-potty? Either way, the fact that you can almost see her crack makes it even better.

L: It wouldn't be a festival without the "cats popping out of the pocket" denim shirts
F: The woman who made this shirt was glaring at you while we stood there laughing and taking photos. Her PHD (Pentecostal HairDo) was very "folk life."

L: One stand had just relish and this lady was paying for hers out of her Jeff Gordon purse! Yessss!
F: Um. No comment.

L: African Amerimullet in full effect
F: Dammit! I forgot to ask her where she gets her custom mullet wigs made...I like how it was blonde in the front and honey brown in the back. Oh, and nice purse.

Back at the Hood

L: Fluffgirl gets started

F: OMG! That's not me. I don't smoke and I don't drink. NEVER. Wait a sec....

L: Trying to hit rock bottom like Britney (Lady Chavez doesn't have to try that hard)
F: I know a certain blonde from our past that makes Britney look like Miss America.

L: Those strips are a damn rip off!
F: What am I looking at?!?

F: Colombo models his new flea market tie
L: Picture by Nancy Drew.

L: Token Gay Guy does not approve
F: If he doesn't guest blog for us soon, we are gonna make him wear nipple pasties, patent leather pants and stiletto boots for our next fashion spot.

L: Fluffgirl does not make it very far

F: I definitely felt that the next day...

L: Now for the lovey, chalk artsy stage of drunkenness

F: FAME (Lito)! I'm gonna live forever!!

L: Hating it late night
F: I was trying to draw my trademark skull and crossbones. Something tells me it didn't come out right.

L: Well, that was our day of reuniting. Fluffgirl officially has decided that Lady Chavez is the best and worst friend ever. We'll have more artists interviews next week so stay tuned.
F: Lady, i heart you!!


9@home said...

LMAO! Good stuff there. ;) I always enjoy reading about whatever it is that you two do... haven't quite figured it out yet.
But it makes me read posts about fashion and other stuff I usually try not to, and I get really worked up about it. ;)

El Keter said...

I like how the person the mullet wig is sitting next to is almost wearing an all-over-print hoodie.