Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oh shit!

Ok, this is another oldie but I was listening to "Still Dreamin" by Nas featuring Kanye West for the 800th time. I still listen to Hip Hop is Dead at least once a week. I have to say Kanye definitely stepped up his lyricism for this song but Nas still shits all over him in verse 2. Is it just me?

I mean its not like a full on huge homeless dude shit you walk by on the way to work (even though they say they don't have money to eat....hmph). It's just like one of those mid-sized turds that when you wipe, nothing is on the paper but you definitely hot-boxed the stall with something fierce!

Best part:

How you a man waitin' for the next man to get rich?
Yo' plan is to stick out yo' hand real quick
So if he feed ya family and he serve you shit
Then he need that head you get and he deserve your bitch

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