Friday, January 18, 2008

Do Artists Make The Best Lovers?

by Dren A.D.

So, some say that artist in any form make for the best lovers. I am here today to set the record straight. Hells yeah we are. See what some fail to realize is that we don’t have shit else to do. Sure we paint, draw, make beats, play g-tar, and all of that other cool ass shit, but besides that, its mostly down time. And you know what that means?? Time for some sexual healing. Healing for you and me.

Here is a little tid-bit about artist you might not know. We make, do, draw and create for others to love. So ask yourself. How do you think we make the cut?

-Dren A.D.

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agent b said...

fuck yeah we do

Coco Netrox said...

Artists don't have shit else to do? That's offensive. I'm an artist, my friends are artists, my lovers are artists. We are a busy bunch. We don't sit around smoking weed and "expressing ourselves." We read, write, plan, and work hard. Some of us are great lovers. Some of us are sloppy. I catch your drift, but it drives me crazy when people act like artists are one type of person instead of a diverse group of makers.

LC said...

yeah I know a lot of artists that spend most of the day "planning" like you said (AKA smoking fatties and meditating and fuckin')...its ok, just accept it

-agent b's in the acceptance stage and he gets mad slimmies

Hank said...

i do plenty of planning AND executing. it's all in the balance you create. if you really believe that artists are a diverse group, you gotta include the burnouts. plus, they're fun to laugh at when they say stupid shit. anyway, all work and no 'play' makes mild d a dull boy. plus, i fuck like a beast. so that's awesome. yay art.