Saturday, August 25, 2007

No James Dean

I was speaking with someone the other day and I don't remember what prompted it but his response was, "You shouldn't be afraid of death". Excuse me?! Maybe you don't care about yo'self but my life is precious and I am not too cool to admit I'm not trying to die anytime soon. Jesus Christ, I am not even in my botox years yet! Why are people so set on saying "I'm not afraid of death". Last time I checked, death really hurts 99% of the time and chances are your underwear will not be clean. I wear my seat belt, do not do hard drugs and use rubbers (I just like saying that word) in order to ensure I am not doing anything to increase my chances of
croaking. Billy Graham's got me going to hell anyway, so what's the rush? And for future reference, no, I do not want to go skydiving with you or do a line before we get on your crotch rocket and do wheelies on the interstate. That is just lame and if you're not afraid to die, you must be a loser with some self-hate issues. For the cutters, unsuccessful overdosers, and bitches starving themselves to "death", you're not fooling anyone because you'd probably shit your Baby Phats if you were actually about to die and that is so not cute.

Lady Chavez

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