Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hillbilly Harlot Hearts Philly

So.. I was feeling bored..and I wanted to feel cool. I went to see Paris, je t'aime at the Ritz. I swear I waited at the trolley stop for over 20 mins. I wanted to grab some beer before the movie but since the trolley and the EL took for fuckin ever..I had to book it to the theatre.

Paris, je t'aime is 18 short films all ranging between 3-8 minutes. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I was all by myself, armed with a small popcorn and a sprite and I just absorbed what was happening on the screen.

So many stories. A few I could do without. The Cohen brothers short was excellent, it describes the American love affair with Paris and how it never lives up to it's expectations ( I wouldnt know). Just so many shorts, most in subtitles (so you know I was feeling extra 'alternative'...) I do recommend a viewing. Really, I do. This is actually something I would buy.

After the movie, I walked from 4th and Chestnut to Ludwigs at 13th and Sansom. It was tooo crowded so I continued my walk down Sansom, I passed some Jazz bar that I wish I would have popped into but I walked down to McGlinchys. I went there because it's a cheap night..I drank three beers (all by myself) and I realized... it's not so scary to have a night by yourself. You may feel weird at first, like a loser, but it's okay. It was 'liberating' I guess.

I'm not afraid to go to a bar by myself (something I have never done) anymore. I took the bus from 15th and Walnut to 47th and Spruce and I was just fine. even popped in Dahlak for one final beer and stopped at the late night chinese place for an eggroll.

Nobody really spoke to me the entire night and I was fine with that for once. I got to soak in this city we chose to live in..see it all by myself. It reminded why I moved here in the first place and why I cant return to where I am from.

Life is decent given all the shit piled upon.

-Hillbilly Harlot

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Tricknology said...

was yo man off playin' polo with his friends?