Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jena 6 Hip Hop CD Compilation

I met Daniel AKA Motown Pride on Rawkus a while ago. He specializes in spoken word and he's damn good. Since Jena 6 made the news, he has already created a CD featuring his underground hip hop connections and is coordinating a tour with the artists involved. Here is an excerpt from his Myspace about the project:

What's Next

We are not done yet folks.

Like I've mentioned to many, the Six are not free and unequal justice in our court system is a real phenomenon that still exists in abundance through

out this country. It is not just a race issue it is a monetary issue where the poor and disenfranchised do not get a fair shake. That's something that should disturb all of us. We will continue to fight. Many of the artists on the Justice 4 The Jena 6 CD will be performing in colleges around the Tampa Bay area and most likely abroad to continue to educate and raise money for those who are need. Contact me if you'd like us to perform at your school.

The CD can still be purchased/downloaded online (see below) in its entirey for $10 or for .99 per track. The host of the sales "widget" sends a direct check to the Jena Six Defense Fund. Its the best way to contribute as the 6 young boys get help and you receive one of the best CD compilations of the year.

When equality is compromised in this country, it effects the livelihood of ourselves and our children!

Be Blessed.

- Daniel aka Motown Pride

Click here for his Myspace and more info on the CD and how to get involved

Yours Truly,

Lady Chavez

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This is great. Kudos!