Sunday, September 30, 2007

Writer's Block in The City

So I have total writer’s block…

I’m supposed to be writing something poignant/funny/thought-provoking for today’s blog. The truth is, I have had so much going on in my life that I have no time to ponder life’s whimsies at the current moment. I started a new job, which seems to be taking over my life already. Not in a bad way…I dunno. I guess I always act like I am trying to resist the life of a work-aholic. But I am starting to think there’s one hidden deep inside me and I just don’t know about it. There are plenty of people with 9-5 jobs out there. I am not destined to have that type of job. I want one so bad. I always feel like the daily grind gets in the way of the stuff I really want to be doing- like painting or sculpting, or learning guitar. Yet, here I am, working all these hours and setting myself up to work more and more. Maybe my only consolation is that the job itself is actually pretty cool. More on that later.

This weekend, Eric and I are in NJ watching these two dogs that belong to our friends. They just moved into a beautiful English Tudor-style house out in Madison, NJ. Its nice to be back in the ‘burbs for a brief time. Sidewalks and driveways and neighbors. Sometimes I miss all those things. I really miss living back in Norfolk – the friends I made there are the ones I will have all my life…..but for now, its back to the grind (unfortunately, Eric Nies not included).

I’m reading a great book right now. “Milk It!” by Jim DeRogatis. It’s a collection of his writings as a critic on the music scene in the 90’s. He had the pleasure of interviewing Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Billy Corgan, Steve Albini, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic. I loved the 90’s. Smashing Pumpkins was my first concert and changed the way I listened to music forever. Kurt Cobain’s death was something that affected me and I still listen to the Foo Fighters. It’s especially interesting to read his interviews with Courtney Love, who I would describe as an extremely intelligent, loose cannon.

I want to live in Brooklyn. The difference between Jersey and NY is like night and day, of course. But I haven’t had the urge to move into the city until now. Brooklyn seems like the perfect combination of low-key fun and city lifestyle. Vintage/thrift stores and artsy salons. AND it would greatly reduce my one-hour commute to work.

So, really, that’s it for now.

Keep on keepin’ on,


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