Thursday, December 27, 2007

Strictly Panty Leakage

I caught word of a free album download from Atmosphere with 13 songs I know Slug wrote to impress me specifically. If I had a lust child with anyone, it would be with him and I would not ask for child support or even take him on Maury. Ant ain't too bad either looking like Antonio Banderas but it ain't the same. Download it now, son....

Here's the blurb from Atmosphere's site about the project:
as a way to thank all of our supporters, ant and i have put together this party's called "strictly leakage." thirteen songs to chase away the winter and downloadable.

it's great for first dates, crappy houseparties, or to play in the backround while you google yourself again.

is downloadable a word? what's a doldrum?

nonetheless, thank you for the love, and please have a happy safe holiday.

oh yeah, i almost forgot, "sad clown bad winter 11" is available now, and a new album from atmosphere, "when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold" will be available on april 22, 2008.

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