Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gimme More in '08 and Less

What we want more of in '08:

1) us
2) free shit (hit us up at for address)
3) heads supporting independent hip hop
4) someone to remix Sizzla for us....see song below
5) comments...leave yo comments if you read and let us know if we're full of shit or if you feel us
6) positivity
7) vegetarianism/veganism
8) DIY revolution
9) Guitar Hero III
10) homo thugggggggsssssss!

What we want less of in '08:
1) dolphin air fresheners
2) dope boys
3) celebrity meth faces
4) posers
5) boys in girl jeans
6) vanity plates
7) hippiecrites
8) those people who stand up in the movie theater and cough in my bootleg movies
9) The Oprah Effect
10) the Cat Power bangs effect

What do you want more and less of?


Hank said...

yo, i do have a sizzla a capella i've been sitting on for a coupla years. but it ain't that one. maybe, in the 08, LC and Fluff can get an exclusive remix? Just because you are cool.

Tricknology said...

i concur w/ guitar hero 3. that shit is mad fun!

LC said...

any sizzla will do and we love exclusivity, thanks hank!

trick...what if I came to Philly and we had a guitar hero III party and invited homo thugs, knock 2 out in 1