Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Denim and Lace Y'all

I miss Glamour Shots...oh wait, they're still in business? Oh, well I miss when it was cool and people were dead serious about it. I mean, you would go in there in rags and they would transform you into a trashy diva from the neck up! They would really overdo the soft lens but that was just coming out then so it was glamorous and glorious. I found some pix that are obviously some of the best work that GS put out. Judge for yourself. Oh and I'm thinking of having a Glamour Shots party. I will bring lots of Aquanet, dickies and vaseline (for the camera lens weirdo!) You know these fine ladies are still using these as their profile pics for potential suitors on eHarmony like its that.

Update: I found some way better pix on a site called Pathetic Personals and instead of biting off their photos, go to this link and see for yourself. It's like Whoa




Hillbilly Harlot said...

I had a glamour shot taken. I wore a santa hat and they made me look like a 30 year old hooker. Sheer top and all. My mom bought one photo and then took the rest to wal-mart to get copies. sigh.

LC said... least your mom took you to Glamour Shots, my mom took me to a knock-off one at this church and it was even more trashy. I had lacy fingerless gloves on and a ton of black eyeliner (I was only 12!), it was a mess and my mom and I posed together....awwww.

fLuFf said...

LC - it is is your duty to post this faux glamour shot right now. No excuses. don't make me find it and post behind your back...