Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Fluffgirl!

It's Fluffgirl's birthday today! She's as old as me now and we ain't tellin'. So, this all reminds me of this time we got Fluffgirl a stripper for her birthday. I'd say she was 19 or something and we asked the stripper company to send a surfer-looking guy 'cause thats what she was into at the time (we live at the beach). So, this "cop" shows up and his name is Dawson. He's got the boombox and Fluff is embarrassed as shit. It was hilarious. He was literally flipping her ass in the air and getting all freaky-like. Then he turned on me and made me smack his metrosexual, shaved ass. LC don't get down like that but it was fun. The kicker is he stayed around after his gig was up trying to get a shot at dating Fluff. We were like...."ummmmm, you can leave now". I wish I had the pix for you guys but something very shady and mysterious happened to them.

We love you Fluff!

Please go on Fluffgirl's Myspace and wish her a happy B-day (she does get overshadowed by Christmas every year ya know)

Love, LC

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Fluff said...

i can't believe someone stole those pics! that was definitely a night worth remembering...