Monday, March 10, 2008

SXSW Fill-in-the-blanks with Guilty Simpson

1. The freshest piece of gear I’m going to rock at SxSW this year will be my dilla/big proof new era hat.

2. To kill the many hours in the van on the way to TX, we’re going to bring music.

3. I will stand in line for hours to see no one this year.

4. Texas BBQ and Lonestar Beer makes me want to stay in Texas. Especially if it’s free!

5. The more free beer I drink, the more likely I am to rock the spot.

6. With all the free stuff from corporate sponsors this year, I really hope to get my hands on a new ipod.

7. If I see someone wearing pink in Austin, I’m going to walk up to them and hit them in the mouth.

8. If I see someone wearing a Guilty shirt in Austin, I’m going to walk up to them and hug them.

9. Don’t tell nobody, but I heard a rumor that Billy Ocean will be playing a secret show at Stubb’s. Shhhhhh!

10. What happens in Austin, happened in Austin.


Wednesday, March 12, 11:40 pm, Habana Annex Backyard, 708 E. 6th Street

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