Saturday, April 5, 2008

my. first. piece. of. performance. art.

Wanna know how HoBo Fluff is? She sat down on a Saturday night (in lieu of the obligatory scene queen parade) and sculpted her first piece of performance art.

She admits to herself, the night started out a bleak shade of 2005 American Idol. But somehow ended in a bevy of snark, movement and hipster myspace pics…all facilitated by a lump of clay.

What do you think it looks like? Tree? A ziggurat? Dwarf Mountain?

It reminds me of the only time I went camping.


LC said...

I was thinking somebody dropped a deuce but then I remembered that when I went camping I got shit fright, couldn't do it and held it for 4 it can't be shit

fluff said... dont know how i agonized over this piece of shit.

lc said...

just shape it like illinois and you'll be rich

Micah Perry said...

Any more pictures or description?


fluff said...

i took a *shit* load of photos. this project completely occupied my saturday night. is that funny or sad? i'm gonna sell this *poop* and get rich.

Hank said...

am i the only one wondering why it's flanked by Pepto, Crest and a wine glass?

fluff said...

i was wodering if anyone would friend says it looks like dino poop. which is awesome and stuff, b/c not only am i going to get rich selling shit to art snobs, but i'm going to tell them its fossilized shit.

M3house said...

"...flanked by Pepto, Crest and a wine glass?"

What else would be gathered around this money maker?!