Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Biggest Boss That We've Seen Thus Far?

What is it about fat rappers that makes us swoon? Even the most thuggish ruggish dude falls for the obese lyricist. I can't think of one fat rapper that hasn't made bank straight out the gate. We've got Biggie Smalls, Fat Joe, Bubba Sparks, Big Pun and the list goes on on and on and now Rick Ross. I fucking love this guy and not because his songs are great but he's cute as shit! He breathes heavy and he looks like he could cuddle all night long (with a few snicky snack breaks). This is the appeal for women but for men I think fat dudes are just non-threatening, to the ego anyway. Plus, I think we've all been looking for the next Notorious B.I.G., someone to replicate what he had and was cut short. Why do you think Biggie is still putting out CD's? We just can't get enough but I think Ricky Ross can do it. I believe in him and if he keeps it street and deep fried, he may just be our next fat hero. I'll take a Big Boss helping, hold the T-Pain PLEASE!

The White Rick Ross

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