Monday, April 7, 2008

8 Poison Darts – Kung Fu Movie Review by SNED YA BETTA OFF DEAD

Kung Fu Rating Scale:
1 poison dart: More practice!
8 poison darts: Thank you, Master!



This movie made its American debut on the USA cable network in '88. I watched the original uncut version, so it was pretty raw and badly dubbed. I happen to love that in these films. The characters got some dope ass names like Invisible Thief, Devil Man, Killer Fan, Dynamite Man, and of course Super Guy, of Low Hand Security. Sick Weapons! The classic bladed fan, supa-sized spiked brass knuckles, and home boy Super Guy beats suckas down with his Giant Bowl! You know Super Guy be puffin' on the Low Hand Tip....ANYWAYS.An Asian prince finds himself in danger at the hands of gold thieves. Lots of ninja type magic and great fight scenes make up for the crazy plot twists and weird Chinese drama. In one scene Invisible Thief kicks back and eats a fresh roasted chicken he stole from a girl. WAIT.... While his brother sexually assaults the poor helpless maiden. SNED YA BETTA OFF DEAD don' t like seein' the ladies disrespected. Especially in the first 2 min of the flick. No worries, Super Guy beats everybody ass with that Super pipe o' his. Nuff' Said Ya'll

My rating: 5 *poison darts*

Where can i cop it? eBay , 99cents and up, Canal St. in NYC

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