Monday, April 7, 2008

Shit We Like – Warm Weather

The weather is slowly inching towards warmer territory and Lady and Fluff couldn’t be happier. What does warm weather mean to us?

•Fresh air, punctuated by the occasional stale cigarette (clove for Fluff)
•Those ridiculous genie pants that are so pase, but too damn comfortable to send to the DAV

•All day weekend, shop-a-thons at the Salvation Army, Thrift Store City, and Family Thrift

•Empty Carlo Rossi jugs

•Dance offs in the living room with music so loud, it could wake the dead (that's one of our neighbors gettin down)

•Acapella, rap-song harmonizing – Snoop Dogg’s Ladi Dadi being our fave

•Wasted discussions with the neighbors about which local redneck drives down the street fastest

•Yelling at the local redneck who drives down the street too fast (remind you of anyone LC?)

•Porch gatherings that result in a permanent collection of beer cans and empty wine glasses on the front steps

•Broken glass everywhere!

•Heart to heart Lady and Fluff moments

•Yard sales in sweltering heat
•Block parties!! Speaking of, we’ll be hosting another one this year, so stay tuned…

1 comment:

LC said...

that is wrong about the chick in the car Fluff