Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Trouble With Mimes

The Trouble With Mimes

The trouble with mimes is they
think they are somehow different
from the urban onlookers
going through the motions,
climbing an invisible ladder and
pulling on an infinite rope of air,
That their act is somehow novel.

I’d like to be a pigeon and see how
it all looks from the concrete, people
gathered on their lunch breaks,
checking their watches, amazed
at such exaggerated movements of
daily life, backed with intended
Silence but slathered with idle
Conversation and traffic whirring.

The trouble with mimes goes way
back and deep. Centuries of white
painted faces and gloved hands
simulate our absurdity and
capitalize on life’s monotony.
What would they say if they
could break character and
let the crowd have the truth?

“Holy shit, this ladder leads
to nowhere people. Make your
own damn invisible sandwiches
and get me out of this hot black
suit!” People gasping and shoving
change back into pockets, would
turn towards their destination, one
rung at a time.

-Lady Chavez

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