Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh, You Thought We Were Gonna Talk About The Grammys?!

We don’t have TV so we missed it and we know all your other favorite blogs will be chiming in so I created my own category that I think you will feel me on. We’re pretty sure it was not on The Grammys list:

Best Street Performer Because No Other Homeless People Do Shit But Stick Out Their Hand and Look Creepy:

And the award goes to…..(bucket drum roll please)…..

The old guy on the corner of 35th St and Granby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For real, he plays a really raggedy rendition of “My Favorite Things” on his saxophone (you know, “When the dog bites, when the bee stings”). Anyway, this is the only song he plays but damn if he ain’t THE ONLY homeless guy/crackhead who works for the money. I would give him a spare bedroom if I had one. That’s how impressed I was. See, in Norfolk, VA, the homeless folks are spoiled and they think if they stand outside 7-eleven and look dirty, they should get something. So, from now on, I’m gonna start handing out kazoos instead of cigarettes and give them a little lesson on work ethic. Who’s with me?!

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Oriental Spy said...

My adopt-a-homeless-man sang me Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven". I told him I couldn't stand the song and paid him to stop singing it to me.