Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It Turns Out Hip Hop is For Lovers

If you didn't read below, Ohword posted their hip hop love favorites and the list is really ecclectic. Looks like I got "Renee" on there for us. So, go to the site, check out the songs and you can download all 31 at the end of the post. They also made a CD Cover (pictured above) to complete your burn for your "shortie".

Now, I gotta tell you, I felt real inspired by this hip hop love stuff and Valentine's being tomorrow and all, I wrote a little love verse for my main man, Baby Dad:

I got a good man
Redhead with a dark tan
Freckles makin' their way down to the promise land
I'll lay it down just to make a clan of them
Spreadin' seeds all around like a geranium
Get in his pants 'til I get into his cranium
Little spawns runnin' 'round like its rainin' them
Hippie hip hop kids like we're trainin' them
Don't care what people say, it don't pertain to them

Ok, now its your turn. Write your boo a verse or if you have too much love for just one person, write a verse about that. If sexin's all you want for Valentine's Day, write about the ho you will pick up at the bar. Just make it with "love" and put it in the comments section...
And when you get a chance, check out one of the articles I wrote for Ohword about foreplay!


Mild Davis said...

ode to v-day:

i don't know you
you don't know me,
but we're both alone
on the 14th of february.
your man broke your heart
i bought you a beer,
let's go back to my place
and get the fuck out of here.
you smell like perfume
and aren't wearing a bra,
i tell you you're pretty
and your heart starts to thaw.
next, off come our pants
and we head to the bed,
we fuck like teenagers
until both our faces are red.
i pass out like a champ
you sneak out in the night,
i didn't buy you candy or flowers
but we both got laid, right?

happy valentines day (or not)

mild davis

Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl said...

haha, nice! any early takers girls?

The UnaDater said...

I would love to tell you what I really think,
And love to share about how you need a shrink.

I would love for once not lie just to get by,
And want you to lose some meat off that thigh.

If only love could be this true,
And you for once would get a clue.

I'm so sorry but I am not that into you,
please stop calling my love we are through!

Happy Vagina Day!

LC said...

You wrote me a poem on a napkin in the bar
You're sketchy as shit so this won't get you far
The bimbo behind you is trying to get your attention
And no matter how many cars you own or you mention
You might want to turn around and kick game
'Cause I'm out of your league and you're all just the same
Your faux-hawk is pointy and corny and lame
I got 10 dudes just like you blowing up my cell
But I don't fuck with no metros, so grow a beard or go to hell

Hank said...

see??? i told you ladies dig the beard. fuck yeah.

Hank said...
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The UnaDater said...

unadater has his head and beard all one length... she is hot!