Tuesday, March 4, 2008

World Etsy Premiere

Ok, you guys know how we sweat Etsy and the DIY movement. Well, we have started our own Etsy site and right now we have 7 vintage purses for sale. We will have lots more up very soon and our photography will get better (we'll do away with the wrinkly white sheet background). Even if bags aren't your bag, check it out and make us a favorite or refer us to a friend or girlfriend.

Either way it is guaranteed that we personally rocked these to the bar or da club and turned it out. We promise we did not spill any Carlo Rossi or Mickey's on them. Wanna know how they stay so clean? 'Cause we roll up in the spot and we're like, "Oh shit, this is my song...Hold my purse!" and some poor groupie gets stuck with the purse and the vintage pumps. Sucka..

Check it out now


Anonymous said...

Is Jenkem bad?? I really like it but my coworkers think it is gross.
I am hooked on the butt hash.

fluff said...

LC, are your co-workers posting anonymously retarded posts on our shit? WTF?