Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MD + SXSW = LC & FG hating

For those who know, Austin, TX’s South by Southwest Music Festival (or SxSW to the kool kids) is the biggest single event in music every year. Sure, Bonnaroo is fun and the Pitchfork Fest is a good time, but where else can you get four solid days of music, parties, free beer & bbq and hangovers? This year, we want to hear what the bands have to say about their upcoming trip to Austin. Since not everyone is lucky enough to hop a plane to TX for four days, went sent these 10 Question Fill-In-The-Blanks questionnaire for SxSW-bound bands. We'll post them as they roll in but we'll let Lower Life Form kick it off and show you how it will go:

1. The freshest piece of gear I’m going to rock at SxSW this year will be my ___cock ring___________________.

2. To kill the __wee_________ hours in the van on the way to TX, we’re going to bring ___lube_____________.

3. I will stand in line for hours to see ____Dolly Parton_____________ this year.

4. Texas BBQ and Lonestar Beer makes me _____glad I'm from Texas____________________. (Circle One) Unless/Especially if it’s free!

5. The more free beer I drink, the more likely I am to __grab some titties______________.

6. With all the free stuff from corporate sponsors this year, I really hope to get my hands on ____some titties________________.

7. If I see someone wearing ____press credentials____________ in Austin, I’m going to walk up to them and hit them in the mouth.

8. If I see someone wearing _____puke___________ in Austin, I’m going to walk up to them and hug them.

9. Don’t tell nobody, but I heard a rumor that __Willie Nelson______________________ will be playing a secret show at Stubb’s. Shhhhhh!

10. What happens in Austin, ____is always gayer than what doesn't happen_______________ in Austin.

-Lower Life Form

Catch them March 15th
The 4th St Blend @ The Compound
1300 E. 40th St
8:00 pm
The Light Bar Rooftop
Stage (Showcase)
408 Congress

Check out one of their joints here

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Ish said...

Dolly Parton has tig ol bitties.