Sunday, December 16, 2007

I like to tell it like it is...

Since I like telling people exactly what's on my mind, I find the concept behind pure genius. Sometimes I have a compelling urge to let others know just how fucked up I really am or just how fucked up I think someone else is. My friend Francis introduced me to this great site and I instantly fell in love.

Did I ever really tell you how much I like you?

Got this right before this year’s company Christmas Party (thanks boo).

I’ve got my heart set on that iPod you bought me even though I hate your guts.

I am attending your party ONLY b/c I have to….

Since he doesn’t have an email, this one’s worth printing for my 7 year old cousin.

Lady and Fluff – nuff said.
I’m curious to know why Hallmark hasn’t picked up on this….


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