Sunday, December 16, 2007

BUST Craftacular 2007!!

Its already been a week since Bust’s 3rd Annual 2007 Craftacular in Manhattan, but my mind is still buzzing with sights and wonders so craftacular that any handmaking honey will surely drool over this blog….

I arrived at 2pm on Saturday at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC. The line was insane – out the door and down the block. Like waiting in line for a roller coaster, my stomach was flipping and flopping with anticipation. I would only imagine the wonderful sights and sounds that awaited me inside. I could hear music and people buzzing. And of course I brought my copy of Hospitality Under the Influence for a special signing by the one and only Amy Sedaris (of Strangers With Candy fame). The line inches and I continue to dream of specially crafted trinkets….

Finally, I pay my dollar, grab my free copy of Bust Mag and magnificently burst my way through the doors – crafts as far as the eye can see! A huge ballroom packed with over 200 hundred vendors selling handblocked tee’s, knit goodies, metal-made jewelry, painted perfections, glued anomalies, and fabulous frocks! Music pumps through the sound system and my head begins to spin – where to begin? Glittering unicorns brooches to my left and alien inspired stuffed animals to my right – I break left and leave my boyfriend in a cloud of after burner as I head down the aisles, taking everything in through osmosis. I can’t believe its taken me this long to discover heaven….

Of particular note to me were the following vendors: – home of the famous Vinny’s Tampon Cases. Site includes period charts and tampon cases to track/prepare you for your flow. – small, enameled pendants in obscure shapes, like seagulls and handcuffs. – fruit that doesn’t get mad…it gets even. T-shirts, buttons, totes, and pins featuring cute food characters. – supremely crafted canvas bags in all shapes in sizes. – quirky handblocked t-shirts, dolls, i-pod cases, bags, and wallets – dainty and delicate earrings and necklaces. – handmade undies – specialty baby stuff that is damn cute

I waited in line to have my book autographed by Amy Sedaris and she wrote the following in my book:

Here’s me with Amy:

Overall, I ended up buying a few things. It was like a craft fair and party under one roof. I had a fantastic time and being a crafty girl myself, I was supremely inspired by so much creativity under one roof….the only thing missing was my own table- which means I already can’t wait til next year.


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Hillbilly Harlot said...

Oh girl... I tried to go in 2005 but got lost. Next year, I'll join ya since you know your way around.

How was Amy?

Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl said...

oh, ab fab!!!!