Friday, January 11, 2008

Lack of History Amongst Hiphop Fans and Aspiring emcees

by Allen James

"Aye Bay-Bay!!!!!"............"Lodi Dodi!!!!!"

If you can name the artist from the first quote and not the artist from the second quote, then there is a serious problem. When i was a kid, my best friend's dad used to drive all around town picking up soda cans. I didn't understand why when i was younger. If you recycle
the cans you can get five cents for each can. He knew something we didn't.....garbage sells.

That is the route that "hiphop" is taking. As of late hiphop, the love of my life, has been plagued with pollution. Everyone says this because everyone recognizes that it's a serious issue but
not too many have stepped up to make the more than necessary change. It's okay if you use a Krs-one beat and record a "freestyle" on it, but if you use any elements of the verse, then that is
biting. It's as if biting has become cool now. Back in the day, you woulda got fucked up for that.
It's a god damn shame when you call yourself an emcee, lyricist, hiphop head, beat junkie etc. and you don't know any parts of a verse from a Nas, Slick Rick, Big L, Curtis Blow, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Wu-Tang, or Roots song.

Nowadays you punk rockers and skaters no more about and are more hip hop than you rappers.
I think right as you're about to sign your record deal, they should make you take a 100 question written exam full of essays about hiphop. If u don't get at least a 75 percent, then peace nigga. Also, the thing I hate most about rappers is that they go on TV and radio and the DJ or VJ says we're about to do this "exclusive freestyle" with so and so and then you buy the album and the same damn verse is on the album. If you can't freestyle then don't, no-1 will give a shit. As
long as you can "super man that hoe" they'll still love you.

in closing....."music is entertainment, rap is a form of music but hiphop is
a way of life"

~* allen james*~

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Anonymous said...

Who's this Slick Rick you speak of? haha, jk

Fabiolouso-os-os-osoo said...

atom, yeah "lodi dodi we likes to party we don't cause trouble we don't bother nobody....." its true what you said I am 32 and when I was in the mix wasn't even hip hop I'm a white girl who's an ex goth/Punk. So hows some body gonna rap and not know what I know ?