Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Trend and Anti-trend

Trend: Bike Messengers

You've all seen them, lining the curb at a gas station, refueling their fit bodies/begging before they act as the ultimate middle man on 2 wheels. I am reminded of that Brady Bunch episode where one of the kids is transporting blueprints for dad and really effs it up. I like to pretend that the stinky hippies who take up bike messaging (or is it a chicken/egg situation?) are carrying Mr. Brady's blueprints to safety and that is sexy. There is something about these patchouli-wearing couriers that makes me want to quit my real job, get some cool gloves and ride shotgun (= handlebars).

Anti-trend: Shit-locks

I am an advocate for all things natural and this means dreds, especially. Dreds are sexy and lead me to believe that dude is about "something". No one ever knows what that "something" is but that isn't important. What I don't like is when dude 1) has multiple dreds sprouting uniformly from his dome like he spent hours in front of the bathroom mirror separating and cultivating his knotted hair 2) wears a t-shirt around his locks 3) has 3 huge dreds total, looking like he has just forgotten about the hair on his head entirely. That is too hardcore for me. I see many a white dude sporting this look and sometimes he is a bike messenger. The shit locks trump the bike messenger hotness and knocks him into the anti-trend category and ultimately he is totally unattractive.

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