Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Where's My Pacifier?!" by Hillbilly Harlot

Isn't it a little too early to wax nostalgic about the mid to late 90's? Maybe I am just getting older and those were my 'glory days' , if gratuitous amounts of lesbian-esque rock (no LC, I'm not speaking of your favorite group of all time, The Indigo Girls), all ages clubs, short hair, thrift store pants, vomit, wannabe crusties and trip hop qualify as glorious.
So the buzz is that the return of the rave is actually on it's way out. Huh? It came back? I thought it all faded away after that movie "Go" came out. (Which I watched the other night) Once it becomes that mainstream and brosephs are popping X, wearing Dr. Suess hats and dry humping to the latest Josh Wink remix..well it curls up and dies on it's own.
Now them Europeans over there in Europe never lost hope. They kept it going strong with spandex Frenchmen type shirts and leather pants. But there's this trend called NuRave and I never even knew about it. It's all about the Klaxons, who now try to admit their involvement w/NuRave was a joke. Some classify Canser De Sexy as NuRave, again, in my best Britney voice..HUH? Can someone fill me in? Being in my mid-twenties is no excuse for ignorance. I mean, come on! I'm hip!
I swear! I read Vice and Missbehave! I post on PPK.com! I long for neon Nikes, which I now know is becoming an anti-trend. How did I not know about NuRave? Because what I thought hipsterfication (god, I am SO fucking sick of that word) was actually NuRave. While yes, there are old heads attempting to really rave on, it's not very popular here...yet. So NuRave is just ironic looking people dancing to Diplo or Low Budget or whoever is on the scene since they don't really come here anymore. Raving is ironic looking people dancing with glowsticks to the aforementioned Josh Wink.
Allow me to take a look in my crystal crack rock. I predict Ska is next. What else is left? Goth never left (those people are really committed) Punk is dead. Dig out your Reel Big Fish cd's and start skankin away, kids!
"I'm right on top of that, Rose"


Cisco said...

I blame MIA!

cekryb said...

funny you should say that because The Ordinary Boys are trying to bring back the ska/new wave sound and mod look a la The Specials and Madness. but I guess that's British and so much a part of their culture with the whole two-tone sound being so pervasive.