Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Cleavage vs. Cleavers and the result is Delta Delta Deadly!

This halloween, I suggest you really klass it up and rent LC's fav "horror" movie, Sorority House Massacre II: Nighty Nightmare. The title alone sends a jubilant morse code of come hithers to all my pleasure sensors. This film has it all folks: a gut wrenchingly unpredictable plot, amazing Academy Award worthy acting and special effects to make Spielberg smooge his taper
leg britches. Ok, none of this is true but who doesn't love hot 80's chicks running around in all the wrong directions in their panties and halter tops with the boob bottoms showing?! This is what you'll get...but wait there's more: You'll receive totally cheesy innuendos and plenty of
inconsistencies to get a successful drinking game going (keep an eye out for the shadow of the ketchup bottle on the wall when the "blood" splatters). Not to mention, the totally not-creepy and unconvincing possible killer, Orville Ketchum, in all his fat, acne-scarred glory. Seriously, this is a must have. Now, you may have to request your local video store to actually order it because most people have never heard of the first Sorority House Massacre, much less the second but it will be well worth it. Have I ever steered you wrong?



9@home said...

... and I spent my Halloween night watching some cheap crap while I could've indulged in a culturally nourishing experience like the Sorority masterpiece... silly me...

Btw, I appreciate your linking me up in the side bar there, but could I ask you to take out that first "http", so that the link actually works? You're a star... err... you're both stars... ;)

(And that Brother Ali "spoken word" piece is actually a real song over a proper beat on the album. You should listen to it. It'll have you in tears like Meg Ryan sobbing into her pillows in "When Harry..."

9@home said...

NOW we talkin! ;)

Anyway, if you wanna see Bro Ali do the spoken version of "Faheem" again, peep the video where it says "Montreux Jazz Festival", about 3:50 into it. (If you move the "knob" to fast forward, you can see the minutes at the top right.)