Thursday, November 1, 2007

I wish it were "Fanny Pack Boy"

We try to be hip to the happenings on the hip hop scene which means we go right into the line of fire for our readers and get the scoop (not really, we just post Myspace bulletins encouraging non-posers to help us). Anyway, Playaz Circle's current hit has us wondering about the meaning of "little dufflebag boy". Now, at first we were hoping they were referencing something to do with homo-thuggery but this is not the case, to our dismay. Apparently, a duffle bag boy runs drugs for dealers. Now, I have seen ATL so I am in the know about how all this works but I am questioning the necessity of such a dangerous occupation. The reasons are apparently different from years past. At the height of hip hop (and you heads know when that was) many rappers claimed that selling/running drugs was merely a means of survival. The dope game provided basic needs and supported their spawns. In "Juicy", Biggie says, "Buildings that I was hustlin' in front of that called the police on me when I was just tryin' to make some money to feed my daughters". In today's industry, rappers are real honest about the fact they just want money, rims, and rarities. My favorite line in "Duffle Bag Boy" is, "You niggaz barely dressin', I got thousands piling, that's that salad dressin', I'm on my thousandth island". They go on and on to brag about the excess money that affords them what the common pauper never will be able to. This leads me to my point. Were there always duffle bag boys or is this a new luxury kinda like valet parking? Were Biggie and others exxagerating about their "struggle" and also doing it all for the glory of drugs and sending some young buck to do the dirty work? Is there really any validity to the drug game as survival especially when people end up dead? Or, is it like "ATL" and the carefree kid gives up rollerskating to be like Big Boi and sling drugs?

P.S. When looking for a photo for this post, we found this book that was published in 1999 and here's the blurb on it:
Young Danny Duncan runs away from home and hitch hikes to a new life. He is soon involved in an exciting series of adventures, and becomes unwittingly entangled in an international drug-running operation




Swerve said...

I don't know but where do u pick up the duffle bag boy applications at?

ihateairports said...

what does this mean for airports??