Monday, December 3, 2007

"Dance to the Music" for

Sitting at the neon-lit runway, I hand the blond a $5 bill and tell her, “But this time, I want you to dance to the music”. Years, later, I’d be working at a similar strip club bartending and watching the girls do the same moves to every single song nightly, assuredly not even adjusting for change in tempo. Eyes glazed over and truly half-steppin’, the dancers would coast through the same routine they just did 3 and a half minutes ago. I say to a waitress, “Didn’t she just do all that there to Barry Manilow and here we are on 2 Live Crew and it’s all the same shit?” We laugh awkwardly, knowing that this only makes it worse that we work in this dump.

Each girl of course had their own staple signature move which I could always expect for them to come back to at least once each song like tagging home base. Xtacy would pop that pussy like this and Kaos would bounce that booty like that. Jade would hang upside down on the pole causing a hush over the crowd similar to the tight rope at a circus. Applause would break out after she dismounted without completely fracturing her collarbone. I, admittedly, was also impressed by this and the way Lacy would make her tits flex and shake independently of one another as only silicone bags can do. I would go home at night and try this in the mirror but would see only my eyebrows fluttering in the reflection one at a time. It became clear that actual dancing ability was not a prerequisite for the job nor did it have any bearing on how much revenue you will bring in. I was more than disappointed to also conclude that strip club-goers have demanded nothing more than a tight ass and a pulse all these years. (Read More)

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Happy now? You're now linked, eventually. For some reason I thought I'd done that ages ago. So I put you into two categories, to make up for my tardniess.

... and which guy?

Oh, and boy am I ready for winter solstice! Can't wait to dance around the pigskin lanterns. Whoo-hooo! ;)