Monday, November 26, 2007

Craft of the Week: Just Call Me Jugs

So, most people who know me, know that Carlo Rossi and I have a thing going on. Although he has quite a girthy midsection with only an awkward, puny handle in which to manipulate his 13% goodness, he's a cheap date and he makes my life worth living. So when I saw Carlo popping up in my craft and hip hop magazines, I was appalled to see him pimping himself out like that with little regard for my feelings. Now, everyone thinks its cool to be Klassy like me and my Rossi-in-crime, Hillbilly Harlot. Since I love my readers, I will condone this orgy of Paisano and hook you up with some practical uses for my jugs.

* Lightweight Lamp (1.5 jugs)

*Lady Chavez Worthy Couch and Chandelier (33 jugs each)

Check out the tutorials on these beautiful jug creations

And if you think you are more Carlo Rossi hardcore than me, check out this pic of Ma Dukes on the Rossi while she was pregnant with me. I got started earlier, trust.


Lady Chavez

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Boy Named Sue said...

wow, that explains a lot